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IC Mystery of Seven Smokes*CH

CH Narisah of Seven Smokes*CH

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IC Nautilus av Skara Brae*CH

IC Kelly av Skara Brae*CH

PR Lucky of Seven Smokes*CH


IC Justus av Skara Brae*CH
Very sadly, Justy is no longer with us: he disappeared in July 2005.

Justy was the first Norwegian Forest cat to join our family in June 2001. The following year we chose Kelly from the same cattery (Av Skara Brae) to keep him company. Our first litter of 7 from Justy and Kelly was born in July 2003, hence the name "Seven Smokes". We decided to keep Lucky because he has such a wonderful character and temperament.

Our second litter was born in May 2004 and again Justy and Kelly produced 7 kittens. This time I decided to keep Mystery because we wanted a nice silver female and she has a lovely coat colouring. At the time, I had no idea that we were going to lose Justy, so she has become even more precious.

After searching for a while for a female tortie, our third litter born in August 2005, produced Narisah (Goddess of Light) and she just had to stay. Afterall, she was exactly what I had been looking for - magnificent warm colours and lots more ....

Following the disappearance of Justy, I had not planned to take another male quite so quickly, but when we saw Nautilus, we knew that he was the one to continue in Justy's footsteps. He is our adorable "naughty" little boy!!