IC Justus av Skara Brae*CH
International Champion
Colour Code:
NFO ns 09 23
Black silver mackerel tabby and white
Date of Birth:
19 March 2001
GIC Ozzy Osborne Feux d'Aurès*F
GIC Fenice av Skara Brae*CH
Show Results:
3 nominations for Best in Show and 8 Best in Variety
Justus was a heavy-boned and very muscular male, standing high on his legs. In winter he weighed over 7 kg. He had a straight profile, high forehead and very long ears, which became even more prominent in summer! He was very jealous of all the other cats - after all he was there first!
Justus is no longer available for breeding. He tragically disappeared in July 2005 and left no trace what so ever. We were all terribly sad, especially as only a few days earlier his son Little Justy was accidentally killed. We miss him so much :-((


More Photos: 
2 years 9 months
2 years 8 months

2 years 8 months
2 years

1 year 10 months

1 year 8 months in the garden

1 year 5 months (summer bikini)
1 year

10 weeks