On the morning of 9 August 2005, the kittens of IC Kelly av Skara Brae and EC Jericho av Skara Brae were born. Unfortunately, the little tortie and white female didn't make it through the first week. Click here to see photos of the 2 black and white males and 1 female tortie from birth to 3 months.

October 30, Kelly and Narisah in the sun

October 25 Kelly and Narisah
October 25 Nero and News

October 25, Mystery watching TV

October 18, Mystery and Nero

October 10, Kelly and Narisah

October 9, lazy Sunday afternoon

October 4, Under the watchful eye of "big sis", the kittens play rough!

October 1st, Mystery and Narisah

September 27, Narisah, Nero and News

September 20, Narisah, News and Nero

September 13, Narisah and News say "Hi"

September 6, Narisah and Nero

September 6, Sleeping Kittens

August 22, Mystery discovered what was in the box in the cupboard and now our 3 kittens have 2 mums!

Group photos of exhausted kittens, 4 days old.

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